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Article: Change your patch. Change lives

Change your patch. Change lives

Change your patch. Change lives

NIRMI is the world's first baby carrier with the exchangeable impact patch.

You are looking for a baby carrier but you find it difficult to decide on a design? No problem with NIRMI!

You only buy one carrier that grows with you from birth to toddler and you can have as many designs as you want! The Impact Patches are easily interchangeable. You can change the look of your baby carrier at any time and you are doing good at the same time. How it works?

Changing NIRMI patches and their creators

Photo: Changing NIRMI patches and their creators

Unique items from all over the world

Each Impact Patch is elaborately handcrafted by artisans from all over the world and is unique. With every patch you buy, you support traditional craftswomen to receive a regular and fair income.

Photo: Artisans of Cancuc

The artisans

Like these weavers from Aldama, a small village in Chiapas in the highlands of Mexico. With the support of the local NGO Impacto, they have set up a weavers' cooperative. We met them on one of our trips and decided to work with them (more on how this trip also gave birth to the first idea of ​​NIRMI another time ;-) ).

Where they live, at an altitude of almost 2000m, there are hardly any income opportunities for women apart from the cultivation of coffee, especially not for mothers or older women. Your day consists of childcare, housework and gardening or cultivating small fields for your own use. But these women have one thing in common: they learned a unique craft from their mothers - weaving with a waist belt.

your impact

Through NIRMI they are paid fairly and valued for their work. Your purchase gives them the opportunity to integrate weaving into their everyday lives and does not have to travel to distant cities to sell their woven goods at markets or to middlemen far below their value. The regular and fair income contributes significantly to the household income and makes the women financially independent. A unique handicraft that only a few can do is preserved thanks to NIRMI and people like YOU!

Five colorful patches

Photo: Five different colorful NIRMI patches

stay tuned

The world is bright and colourful. Bring color into your life! With a NIRMI baby carrier you can have as many designs as you want. This is not only practical and changes the lives of artisans, but is also sustainable and resource-saving.

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NIRMI heißt NIRMI weil es ein Wortspiel mit dem Englischen "Near me" - "nahe bei mir ist"

NIRMI = nia:mi

Have you ever wondered why we are called NIRMI? That's why :)

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NIRMI - die "Pure"

NIRMI - the "Pure"

In this blog post you will find out why there is only one model of the NIRMI baby carrier, namely the NIRMI “Pure” and why this is supposed to be good for the environment.

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