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Behind the scenes

our mission

Behind the Scenes

our mission

Behind the Scenes

our mission

Behind the Scenes

our mission

Hello, we are Elisabeth and Christian, the team behind NIRMI!

When we traveled through the highlands of Mexico with our two children in baby carriers, we met indigenous weavers who use centuries-old textile techniques to create beautiful fabrics by hand.

They pass on from generation to generation the knowledge of how a fabric can be dyed, woven or embroidered by hand without electricity and only using natural materials. While their handmade unique pieces are the epitome of “Slow & Sustainable Fashion”, they suffer from a lack of market access to the international target groups that could buy their products.

We soon realized that there are traditional artisans in rural regions around the world, such as block printers in India, pedal weavers in Burkina Faso or embroiderers in Hungary, who are affected by a lack of appreciation and income opportunities.

We decided to give these amazing women a platform to sell their fabrics internationally. This idea gave rise to a product that serves as a platform: the NIRMI baby carrier.

Our vision

A good life for all of us

A self-determined and good life for our children and the children of the people who make our products.

our mission

Strengthen financial independence

Our goal is to improve the income opportunities of traditional textile artists, especially in rural areas in the global south, as well as to contribute to the appreciation of their work and the preservation of their centuries-old craft.

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Our approach

We make textile handicrafts sustainable.

To achieve our goal, we develop and sell unique products with social added value.

We differ from other companies in the area of ​​fair trade in that we do not resell finished handicraft products but have created a new product that can integrate the textile works of art as easily as possible: NIRMI - the baby carrier with impact patch .

The NIRMI is fairly produced regionally in Europe from natural materials in small quantities. The interchangeable impact patches uniquely connect the producers of hand-woven, hand-embroidered or hand-printed fabrics with parents in Europe. In this way we are opening up new international sales markets for textile artists.

We enable parents to wear unique handmade items and contribute to the preservation of textile crafts and strengthen the financial independence of women.

Our values