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Stapel Rebozos


Our Rebozos accompany you from pregnancy until well after birth. They offer support for your baby bump and are ideal for Rebozo massages during pregnancy and birth. After the birth, you can use it as a sling to carry your baby on one shoulder with carrying rings (not included) or a knot. Or simply as a wonderfully cozy scarf.

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Sold outRebozo "Cocol Perla"Rebozo "Cocol Perla"
Rebozo "Cocol Perla" Sale price865,00 DKK
Sold outNIRMI Rebozo Cocol Jade by ANTAMANIRMI Rebozo Cocol Jade by ANTAMA
Rebozo "Cocol Jade" Sale price865,00 DKK
Sold outEmpowered Woman RebozoEmpowered Woman Rebozo
Rebozo "Empowered Woman" Sale price833,00 DKK
Rebozo Cocol Copper_Fotocredit ANTAMARebozo Cocol Copper_Fotocredit ANTAMA
Rebozo "Cocol Copper" Sale priceFrom 865,00 DKK
NIRMI Rebozo "Cenote" Blue by ANTAMANIRMI Rebozo "Cenote" Blue by ANTAMA
Rebozo "Cenote" Sale price769,00 DKK
NIRMI Rebozo Cocol Verdite by ANTAMANIRMI Rebozo Cocol Verdite by ANTAMA
Rebozo "Cocol Verdite" Sale price865,00 DKK
NIRMI Rebozo "Castanea" by Antama NIRMI Rebozo "Castanea" by Antama
Rebozo "Castanea" Sale price833,00 DKK
Rebozo "Desierto Cactae"Rebozo "Desierto Cactae"
Rebozo "Desierto Cactae" Sale price785,00 DKK
Rebozo "Petalo Gris"Rebozo "Petalo Gris"
Rebozo "Petalo Gris" Sale price785,00 DKK
Rebozo "Petalo Mint"Rebozo "Petalo Mint"
Rebozo "Petalo Mint" Sale price785,00 DKK
Rebozo "Cocol Silver"Rebozo "Cocol Silver"
Rebozo "Cocol Silver" Sale price849,00 DKK
Rebozo Cocol Oro_Fotocredit ANTAMARebozo Cocol Oro_Fotocredit: ANTAMA
Rebozo "Cocol Oro" Sale priceFrom 865,00 DKK