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Impact Patch "Ch'ixal nichim" (Mexico)

Sale price397,00 DKK

Impact Patch Ch'ixal nichim

This patch is made using ancestral slow-textile techniques by the group "Luchetik" from Aldama (Mexico).

The weavers use their waist belt to weave colorful cotton threads, shot by shot, into an artistic motif (Ch'ixal nichim, which means "blossom thorn" in Tsotsil, the language of the weavers).

For a patch, the weavers need around 15 hours spread over several weeks.


  • Each patch is a handmade unique piece. The pattern may therefore differ slightly from the one shown here.
Impact Patch "Ch'ixal nichim" (Mexico)
Impact Patch "Ch'ixal nichim" (Mexico) Sale price397,00 DKK